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Groovers World - Funny, funky, empowering PEAR!My name is Agata and I’m self-publishing my funky poems. Funky poems for children and everyone who still feels like a child sometimes or even often. The poems are funny, humorous, empowering, educational, some have lots of energy and a really good beat so they will be good to dance to. On this website I would like to introduce them to you and to tell you a bit about my idea behind ”The Groovers” – my signature poem.

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“My 9 year old daughter and I loved the book. The beautiful illustrations were a real conversation starter. Every page brought new thoughts and possibilities. A great book to work through with children, especially good for developing discussion around diversity and different cultures”


“Certainly not just a trompe l’oeil as spectacular imagery accompanies delightful poems that serve to create such depth of thought and recognition of what is in front of us all but not always clear to see. This inspires the reader – young or old – to go beyond the obvious and take a new, fresh look at the world. It is wonderful to read a positive message to be who/ what you are and not what is expected of you. No preaching just fun, fun, fun!!!!”

Nicki – Teacher

“I really liked it – I particularly liked the fact that the illustrations included all ethnic groups and people with disabilities which gives children a very balanced and inclusive view of the world.”

Lynne – Children’s Librarian

I liked the rhyming words in the poems. I liked the detail on the shops, children, the skateboard and the ball game on the first picture page. I really liked the background on the pictures! I think I would like to see more joined up grass in the pictures. I liked the picture where they have games and people in the background. I think this book would be good for children age 5-7 years old

Andreas Coultart (age 7, London UK)

The illustrations are fabulous! I like the rhyming couplets. The questions at the back of the book are a good idea. I enjoyed the book because it had three series of poems and the poems are not just one page long. The book was good because it has a funky title and it puts a good spirit in your heart because it says “whatever you are, just groove” The book is quite amusing. I think this book is good for 4-8 year olds

Ricardo Coultart (age 9, London UK)

I like Cruise the moose, Bruce the goose and Michael the tortoise. I loved seeing them happy and with their friends on the clean, green land page.

(Sebbie age 9)

I love all of the illustrations and awesome rhyming. I also enjoyed flicking from the polluted page and looking at the differences. It was fun to look at the sad lonely moose then flick through to see the happy moose with a child and a wife!

(Anna age 9)

Wonderful expressions on such a wide range of fruit and veg. They all had very strong personalities and my children really enjoyed looking at them again and again. We all loved Mr Potato and his partner Miss Tomato.

(Beccy Mullett, Mum)

I really love the pictures. The poem rhymes which makes it easy to read.

(Amy age 8)

This is GREAT for younger children about 3-6.

(Anna age 12)

DJ Ice Lettuce is very cool!

(Katie age 11)