Ten random things about me in chronological order:

1. Let’s start with breakfast: at present my “typical” breakfast would be barley with some soup; for example beetroot soup or cauliflower soup.

2. I’m Polish but I also lived in: the UK, the USA, China, Ireland, Germany and now I’m back in the UK.

3. When I was young I read a comic book in which the main characters jumped through a cinema screen into a movie. I believed everyone could do it and so I wanted to do it too. The only problem was that at the end of this book, when the main characters jumped back out, they found themselves in a totally different country. I worried about how I would get home if I jumped into the movie in a cinema in my home town in Poland and then jumped out in a cinema in Japan for example?

4. At school I used to love maths, English (I was learning it as a second language), geography and physical education.

5. I’m honestly really bad at remembering people’s names and song lyrics. In terms of lyrics I only remember some church songs plus the song by Limahl from ”Neverending Story”. That is it. By the way “Neverending Story” is the movie I loved when I was about 10 years old and I still love it.

6. I’m very shy sometimes.

7. Teacher, cleaner, au pair, manual worker on a production line in a drinks factory, sales representative, shop manager, office and property manager – I did it all. I also used to sell ice-creams from a van.

8. Thunderstorms, I like them. That is, I like sitting at home, watching the lightning and listening to the ensuing cracks of thunder.

9. I LOVE dancing! Especially to progressive trance and progressive house music; one of my favourite dance tunes is “Sunburst” by Eric Prydz. Also I very much like to listen to Sarah Brighman, Schiller and pop music in general. My favourite soundtrack is from the movie “Gladiator”.

10. The people who know me say I’m free-spirited, full of energy, independent, resourceful and trustworthy. To be completely honest they also say I’m nuts… I do like to eat nuts but I had no idea I was turning into one? Which one might it be: maybe walnut, hazelnut, Brazil nut? And can anybody tell me how long I have before I finally do turn in one?