Fabulous books!

Books are fantastic and some of them can have huge impact on our lives. I would like to recommend 3 children’s books here, the ones I really love.

The first one is: “If the World Were a Village” by David J. Smith and Shelagh Armstrong. It’s simply brilliant! Outstanding! Just imagine that the world is the village and only 100 people live there. How would this village look like? Can everyone in the village read? Is anybody hungry there? How many people in the village would be Chinese? How many were young and how many were old? It provides the facts about the world in very approachable and understandable for children way. It shows the differences and the disproportions between people. This book is eye-opener both for children and for adults. This book is simply “must have” in everybody’s house.

The other children’s book I really like is: “The storm whale” by Benji Davis. It is about a boy who finds a baby whale on the beach and takes it home. What happens next? Great story with fantastic pictures.

The 3rd book is “The giving tree” by Shel Silverstain. The story is about the boy who would take too much from the tree and the loving tree that gave him everything. Sad but superb!