How far …?

Last night we went to the movie theater to see American Sniper. For me it’s not about the hero or the murderer. It’s about the war. The time when everybody gets involved, even if you do not want to or you think you don’t. There is no grey, only black and white. Are you with us or with them? With them or with us? Who are “them”? Who are “us”? People say they fight for something? What is it? Or are they brainwashed? The war! So scary! So far away… or so close to us? Can you imagine YOUR child involved in it? Your child sleeping now calmly in the bedroom… your child picking up the grenade and throwing it?! Why, WHY we simply can’t live in PEACE! Sometimes I feel so naive, still believing that WE ALL actually CAN LIVE in PEACE…

Great movie!

We left the movie theater and walked almost in silence to the bus stop.

There were just few people on the bus. There are some road works in the area and the buses are diverted a bit. The bus bell rang. And again – impatiently. Man’s voice from the back of the bus followed:“Stop the bus, Sir!” Light shiver came down my spine. It was an order. Like in the movie “Sir!”

“Stop the bus, Sir!” nervous and anxious man repeated. The bus bell rang again. “Stop that f****** bus!” The bus driver replied “I can’t stop. It’s not my bus stop.” Finally after the detour had ended and we got back on our route, the bus stopped at the nearest bus stop. The man from the back moved towards the door. “I don’t have my disabled pass because I’m sixty” he said p***** off to the driver showing him the pass (I guess he had shown it to him previously when he was boarding the bus too). “I can’t walk that far! Look at my knees!” He bent down, and probably pulled up the trousers to show his knees to the driver (I could not see it properly from the place where I was sitting). Next he said: “I got it serving this country in the war. I CAN’T WALK THAT FAR NOW..….. “

The words echoed in my head: “I got it serving this country in the war. I CAN’T WALK THAT FAR NOW..….. “

It was really wired, that this situation was happening right after we’ve watched American Sniper.

So how far is the war from us? Is it far at all? And the most important question is:

How far will we all be able to walk if we do not stop all the fighting, the wars now? How far….?

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