Posters campaign!

Few weeks ago my books have arrived so I want to show them to people, to let them know that they are here. I’ve been spreading the news on various internet platforms and I’ve also started visiting the bookshops, libraries and schools.

Additionally, somehow, I wanted to reach the people on the “street level.” Therefore I’ve decided that it would be good idea to put the posters and the flyers about my book wherever it is possible.

To be precise the posters and the flyers in majority related to both the free book lottery and voting for your favourite dance – two different things that have been happening recently on my website. As I said, I’ve put the posters everywhere. Full list of places is below:

  • restaurants,
  • convenience stores,
  • launderettes,
  • Chinese takeaways,
  • furniture shop,
  • hairdresser/barber shops,
  •  veterinary clinic,
  • fresh juice bar,
  • designated places/stands for posters around the towns. Putting posters in designated, free, public spaces sometimes might seem totally useless. It’s because someone else might come 5 minutes later and put their posters over mine but on the other hand some of the posters “survived” on those places for few weeks!
  • coffee places,
  • post offices,
  • fish and chips shops,
  • key cutting place,
  • charity shop,
  • shops with children’s clothes,
  • pubs (yes pubs indeed, parents go there plus it’s popular place for family lunch/brunch – especially on weekends)
  • comics book shop

The question is: how effective is this “poster campaign”? Is it worth it? How many people have actually stopped and read the poster or picked up the flyer? I don’t know what the answer to that question is. I know people do look at them and read them, so I can say they get “some” kind of message. They get the idea that “The Groovers” are here. I wanted to have the posters everywhere so I did it. However, I’m not sure I would do the same kind of “poster campaign” again. I think next time I deliver flyers to the houses.

Also I have been visiting libraries, schools and book stores. The first contacts were made. What the future holds, we will see in New Year.

Briefly: of course there are people who say they don’t like my book. You will get the rejection no matter what. That is ok. There is nothing in this world that would make all of us happy.

Positively: it is absolutely fantastic to talk to people I meet on the way: the librarians, the shop owners, the sales assistant, the teachers etc. Those who take few minutes to truly look through my book, to see the idea behind it, those who discover/see the important details in the pictures.

It is truly uplifting; it simply gives you wings to hear comments like those ones: “Lol, your book is brilliant! It is simply fantastic! It’s amazing!”