The Footwork! The tribute to …

When I was talking the pictures and thought about this post it was supposed to look like this:

“This is a tribute to our feet or wheels whichever you are using. They take us everywhere we want. We control them yet sometimes, somehow we still manage to step in …. you know what.

Anyway, it is just fascinating world down there on the “pavement” level. Walking, running, standing, jumping, dancing…. Some pictures from my latest «photoshoot» are below and you can see the whole album on our facebook or google+ page.”

Then I thought about it again and realized that in fact, this post has to be:


Our bodies are just such overwhelming, superb, elaborate creations! We might forget that quite often. Pose for a moment. Think how complex your brain is. What kind of miracle it is that you can actually read those words that you can look to the left or to the ceiling, simply that you can see! Can you hear the noise? The birds? Kids playing outside? The music? Your neighbours? Do you actually sometimes not only hear the music, but also feel the musical vibrations coming through your whole body? Or do you enjoy the silence?

You are thirsty. So you “order” your hand: “Pick up this glass of water!” Your hand moves down, your fingers grab the glass, your hand brings it to your lips. You take a sip. The water runs through your dry mouth and next it is distributed to every single cell in your body. Your brain gets the message that your thirst is satisfied. Your hand moves away from your lips and brings the glass back to the table. Such a simple thing and at the same time so complex.

You breathe. Close your eyes for the moment and listen to yourself breathing, notice your chest moving. Taking a breath, providing oxygen to your lungs, again the blood cells take it everywhere – even to your little toe. They do it with such mega speed – with every single breath you take. Back and forth: delivering oxygen – removing carbon dioxide.

Your brain! The memories that are stored in it. The new things you learn and memorize: the places, people’s faces, the number of the bus you need to take to the city centre, mathematical formulas, the recipes of your favourite dishes, the languages, the shopping list, the conversations, the song you sing in the shower, the articles you read in newspapers, the adds, new things at work, funny quotes/jokes, totally random things from your latest trip on the train… The thinking and brainstorming process that almost constantly goes on in our heads! As a result we can have normal/logical conversation, we draw conclusions, we make decisions and we build our opinions.

The complexity of our bodies is just mind-blowing! Every single thing we do, even typing these words, even scratching your head….For me it’s magnificent miracle and science mixed together.

So next time when you when you wake up say “hello” to yourself, to your heart, to your stomach – you will have breakfast soon so mega work will start there too. Appreciate your body, be thankful for it and take good care of it. Respect the others ☺

The Footwork

The Footwork

The Footwork

The Footwork

The Footwork