The Illustrations

First I wrote the poems. Next the illustrations to them started to appear in my head. However I could not draw them myself. I needed someone to do it for me.

Blazeberry – my illustrator – rescued me. For almost all the pictures I provided my illustrator with the descriptions of what I wanted to see in them and some rough sketches.

Below as an example, you can see very simple, first sketch which I drew for the illustration “The Classroom” and the final picture too.

The additional description for each picture varied from few sentences to few pages. They were in particularly very detailed for each of the 6 pictures from the poem “The Groovers”, where I wanted to show the diversity of people.

The final illustrations, as you are already able to see and will be able to see in the next books are simply fantastic! 🙂

Further sketches were exchanged in-between, before the final illustration was ready 🙂