My first book is already available!

I’m so thrilled to show you a preview of it. There are 3 different funky poems in it and here you can see and read a bit from each of them.

The Groovers and 2 other funky poems - Front Cover
Front Cover

CONTENTS click on each title below to have a look

My signature funky poem “The Groovers” is the longest one and it is about each of us. It is catchy, empowering and funny with good beat and rhythm to sing and even to dance to. The words and the pictures are so powerful. They influence our self-esteem, confidence, self-value, respect and appreciation. On the pictures in this poem there is a huge diversity of people. Hopefully every single child and even adult will be able to identify himself/herself with someone. There are also lots of other things that can be discovered, talked about and learned about.

Together with the pictures this poem has 20 pages and below there are 5 of them: a few from the beginning, the middle and the end. You can finally see the whole picture from the classroom with all the children and their “dreams” in the bubbles.

P.S. As you might remember the bubble with black shadow and the question mark is in the classroom on purpose. “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Firstly, there can be hundreds of possible answers to that question. I want to be: a driver, a painter, a nurse, a president, an actor/actress… it was impossible to show them all, though they are all important! On the other hand, there would be few of you who might not know the answer yet. Maybe at one point you will change your mind. And that is ok. You have your whole life to think about it, to search and to decide. That is what the “unknown” character stands for ☺

The next funky poem is called: “The drama on the kitchen table.” It’s a story about a missing spoon. What has happened to it and how does this story end? Suspense and humor…

The 3rd and the last poem in this book is called “Left to Right”. Almost all words on the left hand side of the poem start with the letter “L” and on the right hand side start with the letter “R”. Two separate tongue twisters joined in one. This funky story can also help children to recognize the difference between left and right.