My second book is already available too!

There are 2 different funky poems in it and here you can see and read a bit from both of them.

The Groovers and 2 other funky poems - Front Cover
Front Cover

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The first poem “The Party in the Garden” is all about music and dancing. Music connects all of us. Some tunes are as popular today as they were decades ago. Music connects generations. It has its own universal language. When we listen to it we relax, we laugh and we might even cry. Music is simply beautiful.

Dancing! Tapping your right foot or shaking your full body on that dance floor – whatever you feel like it – just dance! When the music touches your soul – follow it. Dancing is superb form of activity. Hip-hop or ballet, foxtrot or waltz, popping and locking, grooving to the music – just dance!

The music and the dance – the diversity and the power of it!

In my first poem, during the party in the garden, there are several different kinds of music “played”. On the cover you can see some characters dancing freestyle. The poem itself starts with tango. There also will be DJ Ice Lettuce (playing hip hop), the drummer, those 2 guys below and a LOT more of other fabulous characters. The preview is below. However, if you want to meet ALL the dancers, spectators and other performers, if you want to find out how the full party goes and finally if you what to know how the GRAND FINALE looks like you will need to get that book 🙂



DJ Ice Lettuce!


The drummer!


Those guys!

The second poem in my book “The Party in the Garden and one other funky poem” is called: “Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” The preview is below.


Nature – we have to protect it. We have to take care of it.

By reckless disposal of the unnecessary things or rubbish, the pollution we harm the environment, the animals and at the end we harm ourselves. Segregate your waste, keep all recyclable items separate. Clean up after yourself. Don’t leave any rubbish just on the ground after your day at the beach or your picnic at the park.

Use reusable shopping bags. Don’t buy a new plastic bottle of water. Refill the one you already have. Use public transport, car-share and car-pool to reduce your carbon footprint. We should use natural sources of power: the wind, the sun, the water. Use them in a way that doesn’t affect others or the environment in negative way.

The soil and the air should be clean. We should be able to grown our own vegetables, fruits and flowers. Instead of tap water, collect the rain water and use it to water your garden.

Clean water, clean air, clean soil, clean beach… they were normal in the past. We even didn’t have to think about them. Now they seem to become an exception. Something we have to pay extra for. The commodity. If we do not change our action NOW, soon we will have clean oxygen sold in “doses.” A bit dramatic but it is true.

In my first book, “The Groovers” funky poem is sending big message about US – THE PEOPLE. The message for children and for adults, about treating each other with respect, inclusion, diversity and tolerance. The message about YOU being confident in your own body.

This funky poem “Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is sending a message, or rather a request, for living in harmony in nature. For protecting our home Planet Earth. Can we make it happen? How will the world look in 20 or 50 years time?



Don’t throw the things away that can be used by someone else or recycled. Sell them, take them to a charity shop or a recycling centre.


Clean, drinking water should be freely accessible to everyone in every single place in the world. The same as the oxygen we breathe.

Happy Fish

Protect the animals and their natural habitat. They should run, walk, swim and fly free in their own environment. They should be happy. What needs to be done before yet another species will become extinct?